Our product is made of rare spiral shell with natural color and texture, which can be carved into shell craftwork of all kinds of figures and specifications with vivid decoration and appreciation through a lot of technology and skill, e.g. even adhibition, incrustation, half-embossment, solid etc. The product can be used for practicing celebration, congratulation, house decoration and commendation and commemoration. In addition, tourists are interested in our portable shell keepsake, jewelry, solid furnishing and scenery screen, which is good artwork for presenting, traveling and commemorating.
We can also manufacture huge fresco and large standing screen decorated for big hotel and meeting hall. The artistic effect of glitter and translucence reflects graceful and luxuriant cultural breath.
Our products are available in seven series and almost one thousand designs and colors, including shell painting and solid furnishing whose theme are flower, bird, character, landscape and still life.
Length is 3000mm, highness is 1850mm, the big "Shellfish studded standing screen " is product of the newest development "exceeding thin incrustation technics", which characteristic is processing the shell into very thin spiral shell, then carving them into beautiful design. Our product with two sides menus is fit for hall displaying, which has a velvet surface, fine work, glittering & flickering effect, grand vigor.
Big solid furnishing "Dragon & Phoenix Aquarius", whose highness is 1800 mm, max. diameter is 700 mm. We selected material from folk traditional design of "Auspicious Dragon & Phoenix". Having selected over ten kinds of rare spiral shell, we adopted the skill of incrustation, patch and embossment to carve finely. The theme of dragon Aquarius is traditional "two dragons play a pearl", which exhibits brave heroic posture of a galloping dragon in cloud and mist. The moral of dragon Aquarius is rising in the world and successful career. The theme of Phoenix Aquarius is "all birds toward phoenix", which reflects a festive vision of singing of birds, full of potpourri with a moral of good future.
Big solid furnishing "Nine-dragon Wall made of rare shellfish", the length of which is 1650 mm£¬width of which is 145 mm£¬highness of which is 380 mm. Large solid furnishing "Nine-dragon Wall Made of rare shellfish", whose length is 1650mm, width is 145mm and highness is 380mm. It has been designed and made by reducing carefully according to the scale, whose antitype is "Nine-dragon Wall" in Beijing Beihai Park. Having selected precious pearl shell and spiral shell, we adopted the skill of incrustation and even embossment to carve finely. The sculpt of the product is exact and the arrangement is clearly, on which there are 18 dragons whose shapes are different and lively. There are also 120 small dragons concealing among those 18 dragons flying over the brim, whose color is glittering and translucent, which reflects high technology of fine carving.
Large solid furnishing "Dragon Boat", length is 1200mm, width is 260mm and highness is 540mm. It comes from folk traditional lucky patterns. Having selected precious big pearl-shell and spiral shell, we adopted the skill of incrustation, high relief to carve finely. The sculpt of the product is grand and the structure is precise£¬and the dragon body, booth and pavilion all show high technology of fine carving and wonderful article excelling nature. The whole product is glittering and translucent with a meaning of plain sailing and bright future, which is a lucky article for business celebration, auspicious residence and flourishing career.
Large solid furnishing "Qinian Palace", platform diameter is 1200mm, highness is 470mm. It has been designed and made by reducing carefully according to the scale, whose antitype is "Qinian Palace" in Beijing Tiantan ancient architecture group. Having selected precious pearl shell and spiral shell, we adopted the skill of incrustation, embossment and even adhibition to carve finely. The structure of the product is formal and the truss is preciseness, engraved beautifully. Platform and main palace becomes one integrated mass£¬which is glittering and splendend with a emersion of dignified and holy scene of original "Qinian Palace".
Solid Shell-carving Furnishing "Cabbage and Cricket" is made of rare white-jade spiral shell by the skill of incrustation and embossment, etc. The theme of the product is momentary dynamic of cricket and fresh cabbage. The vivid dynamic cricket and the static cabbage show a picture of lovely natural sentiment and deeply rurality. This product is beautiful in technology and novel in form, which is a good gift for friends and fine craftwork for house decoration.
"Solid Pearl-shell Furnishing" and "Pearl-shell Scenery Series" are made of pearl shell, which are finely carved with incrustation and even embossment, etc. The content come from different famous sceneries. They are various in form, profound in technology and exquisite in novelty , which are portable and good for travel and commemoration.
"The exceeding thin incrustation technology"is the result of cooperation with foreign enterprise, which is producing shell into shell pieces whose thickness is 0.25mm and then carving the shell into different beautiful patterns. They are suitable for making high-level modern and classic engraving furniture, screen and hanging painting, etc. Some calligraphy and painting work of celebrity are copied by this technology, which combines modern technology with traditional technology of special fascination of reality and lasting color.
According to particular characteristic and shape of pearl shell we develop the product of"Pearl-shell Technology", in which the pearl shells have been incised into slices of various forms. We have adopted even-adhition and bass-relief technology, etc and produced top-grade shell-carving craftwork with careful work and novel form by using natural color and texture of pearl shell. The product is elegant , natural and graceful, which is used fort the decoration of huge fresco and calligraphy in big hotels and meeting halls.