Qingdao shell-carving art factory is located in No. 206, Yan An San Road Qingdao, Shandong province China. It is established in 1962 which is only large enterprise in China specialized in manufacturing and selling shell carving arts. The area of our factory is 12000 m2, and that of our workshop is 9000 m2.
We have advanced equipment of manufacture, grand force of technology and high level of design. There are 130 employees in our factory, one of which is awarded the title of "fine-art great designer ", three of which are senior fine-art master, eight of which are fine-art master, more than ten of which are assistant art masters or technicians.
Our products enjoy good reputation in the world for its novel composition, excellent technology, flowery color and deep-felt moral, which have been sold all over of China and over 40 countries and regions. At the same time, we not only undertake gift manufacture for foreign cultural exchange by different ministries of our country, but also carry out decoration assignment of important halls in our country. Our product are widely used in many large hotels and lobbies as main decoration, such as the Peoples Convention Hall in Beijing, Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, Zhong Nan Hai VIP Hall, Beijing Ocean Museum and Beijing airport.
Our factory has been appointed as "Important Shopping Unit Concerning Tourism and Foreign Affairs", which is issued by Qingdao Travel Bureau. We have once welcomed a lot of foreign heads of state, government leaders, domestic leaders of different political parties, who have visited our factory and purchased our products.

Main honor
"Tianma" Golden Prize of National travel remembrance issued by National Travel Bureau
"Baihua" Silver Cup (Highest prize) of Chinese Industrial Arts
"High-quality Product" issued by National Light Industrial Ministry

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